Statdash features help you stay organized and productive!

We've put together a sampling of our favorite features below to give you an idea of how Statdash works and what sets us apart from the competition. We think you'll love these features, too! We'd love to show you how they work and get your feedback and suggestions. Use the link below to get a personalized demo. And be sure to check back often to see what's new.

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Mobile Optimized

Responsive design coupled with screen shortcuts means you can easily manage statuses from your mobile device. That means you can manage your dashboards from anywhere, anytime!

Audit Trail Reporting

The audit trail in Statdash records every time a status changes. Our Activity Log report allows you to drill down to a single team member or activity to see every transaction, including comments.

Automated Status Requests

Even with a great tool like Statdash, remembering to request status updates from your team can be a chore. Now, with our automated status request scheduler, you can automate the process so status update requests are automatically sent to your team according to your schedule preferences.

Confidential Dashboards

Sharing information with your team is a great motivator to complete their tasks and activities. But sometimes you need to keep information confidential. Statdash gives you the option to make dashboards confidential so team members can report on activities but not see the dashboard.

Interactive Calendars

Gantt charts can be difficult to maintain throughout a project. See how Statdash uses an interactive dashboard calendar to give you the visual benefits of a Gantt chart without all the overhead and complexity.

Activity Due Notifications

Statdash automatically sends out notifications when activities are coming due. See how you can customize your activities to ensure team members update their statuses for critical activities.

Categories & Team Status Reports

Check out some of our latest features for categorizing your dashboards and then creating status reports for your team members.

Dashboard Distribution

Creating dashboard templates is a great way to simplify setting up new projects. Creating templates also allows you to distribute your dashboards to other Statdash accounts.

User Access Management

Statdash has a flexible, robust security system for assigning rights to users who are administrators. You can easily control the level of access to each dashboard.

Manage Multiple Accounts

You can manage multiple Statdash accounts when you are added as an administrator. This allows you to login once and easily switch between companies.