Project Management Consulting

Managing projects can be difficult. Perhaps you are new to project management and are in over your head. Or maybe you are just so busy that certain projects get overlooked and begin falling behind. Sometimes it is just not feasible to hire someone to pick up the slack. That's where the certified project managers at Statdash can help.

We specialize in bringing difficult projects into the home stretch. We implement common-sense project management techniques, which focus on getting the job done, without miring you in Gantt charts, network diagrams and endless documentation.

Below is a sample of the services we offer:

  • Assist with project planning and initiation 
  • Organize project tasks
  • Manage project scope 
  • Setup team status tracking and monitoring
  • Formalize project documentation
  • Facilitate team meetings
  • Conduct stakeholder satisfaction interviews/surveys
  • Implement quality control methodology
  • Build team rapport and cohesiveness
  • Provide project management training

Contact us to discuss your project management needs and how we can help you.