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Less than $10 per administrator per month when billed annually.


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Billed annually
15 day free trial


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Billed annually
15 day free trial


$99 /month
Billed annually
15 day free trial


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This version is for individuals who work with small teams and need to automate status updates and activity notifications This version is for the professional, consultant, project manager or team leader who needs to automate status update requests This version is for businesses with larger teams who need advanced reporting, file sharing and more administrators and dashboards This version is configurable, and the price is determined based on the number of users and custom services required
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Optional Monthly Billing $24/month $59/month $119/month CUSTOM
Administrators & Collaborators 2 Administrator
10 Collaborators
5 Administrators
25 Collaborators
10 Administrators
50 Collaborators
Team Members Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Configurable
Additional Administrators $10/month $10/month $10/month Configurable
Dashboards 10 25 100 Configurable
Training Included Demo 1 Hour 2 Hours 4 Hours
Activity Notifications
Status Request Scheduler
HTML Status Editor
Confidential Dashboards
File Sharing & Integration
Export to Document
Effort Logging
Advanced Reporting
Report Scheduler
Template Distributor Module
Educator Course Module
Consulting & Setup Services
Custom Reports & Features
ConnectWise Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Unlike project management software, Statdash is a highly focused platform designed as an auto-communication tool and team status tracker. Statdash gives you the big picture of your team’s status while virtually eliminating follow-up phone calls, emails, and chats.
Statdash is designed for project managers, team leaders, executives and administrators who need a snapshot of their team’s status in a single glance, without the hassle of constantly having to ask team members, ‘What’s the status’.
Unlike a spreadsheet, Statdash is a dynamic, real-time dashboard, that automatically communicates with your team, and updates itself based on their responses. Since it is cloud-based, you can access it from anywhere in the world. Using our specified format, Excel and CSV files can be imported into Statdash to make it easier to add team members and dashboard activities. If you have special needs for importing, feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to make it as easy as possible to import your data.
Statdash is also great for tracking employee skill sets, project milestones, documenting communication to team members, and creating custom reports. Our Educator Module let’s educators push out course curriculum to students, and then track their progress on assignments.
You can create schedules for when you want status requests to be emailed to your team for each dashboard. You can also specify multiple notifications for each activity based on due date to automatically remind your team when their assigned activities are coming due.
Yes, Statdash works on both IOS and Android phones and tablets.
No, the number of activities/tasks is unlimited for each dashboard.
When your clients add you as an administrator to their Statdash accounts, Statdash allows you to easily switch between each client in order to manage their dashboards and perform other functions to which they grant you access. Use this link to learn more about the administrator features: Administrator Video
New features and bug fixes are regularly applied to all versions of Statdash. Because it is cloud-based, there is nothing to download and you won't experience any down time. You can be confident knowing that you are always running the latest version of our platform. We welcome your ideas for feature requests and do our best to keep adding features that will make you more productive and save you time.
There are a number of ways that you can learn more about how Statdash works:
  • Request a personal demo. We will walk you through the product and answer any questions you may have.
  • Watch an overview video. This will give you a feel for how the product works and help you to get started.
  • Sign up for a free trial. Our professional, business and enterprise versions come with a 15 day free trial. You are welcome to try our free Basic version which requires no credit card and does not expire.
  • Send us an email. We'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Pricing & Payments

Yes. All plans offer a limited-time free trial period before your credit card is billed. You can easily cancel the subscription at any time during the trial period and you will not be charged.
You will find an upgrade button on both the Manage and Company Setup pages. If you’re using our free Basic plan, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information to sign up for one of our paid plans. If you are already using our Professional or Business plan, this button will allow you to purchase additional administrator accounts.
It depends. Since each company’s needs are different, we will customize a solution that works for you. Call our toll-free support number at (800) 488-5503 to discuss how we can create a solution that's tailor-made for your organization. Or email us at
It is not necessary for team members to have their own Statdash account. In fact, team members do not even need to log in to Statdash to update their statuses or view their dashboards. They simply use the unique link provided in the email request. Additionally, you can email a view-only version of any dashboard to clients or stakeholders. They can use the unique, private link to access the view-only live dashboard at any time without logging in.
Absolutely! If you’re not completely satisfied with Statdash within the first 15 days of purchase, we will refund your money.
You can easily cancel your account by going to your Company Setup page and clicking the cancel button. Once you cancel, we will delete all of your data and cancel your subscription payments. We do not automatically issue refunds. You will need to contact us directly at (800) 488-5503 to request a refund.

Support Services

We would be happy to provide you with a personalized demo where we can walk you through the features and answer any of your questions. We offer training videos to help you get started, and if needed, we can also provide you and your team with supplemental training to meet your specific goals. Please contact us at (800) 488-5503 to discuss your needs.
Our support professionals have expertise in many different industries and can assist you with developing dashboards that will maximize your productivity. Please call us at (800) 488-5503 to learn more about our consulting services.
Our developers at Statdash can create custom features to enhance the functionality to meet your specific needs. Please call us at (800) 488-5503 to learn more about our software development services.

Security & Privacy

We use SSL (secure socket layer) to encrypt each page of Statdash to maximize the secure transfer of information. We have used best-practices throughout our development to guard against SQL injection attacks and other hacking efforts. All of our data is backed up nightly on off-site servers for your protection. We do not sell or distribute your information to third-party vendors and we do not access your account unless you give us specific permission. If you ever have a concern or a specific question regarding security, please feel free to contact us.
Our hosting provider maintains secure tier 3 data centers in California and London. These data centers have 24/7 security guards and video surveillance, redundant OC48 connections, 365/24/7 network monitoring and redundant power backup (UPS, diesel generator).
Yes! For our Professional, Business and Enterprise versions, we provide easy access to manage your files related to each dashboard. All files are stored using Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3). If you have your own S3 account, you can easily change your settings so all of your files are completely under your control. Users of our Basic version can link each dashboard to an external file storage service. If you are using a specific vendor and would like to discuss options for integrating with Statdash, please give us a call at (800) 488-5503.

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