Mobile Optimized

Let's face it  - it's  hard to get a big picture view on a mobile phone! Managing a large dashboard on a phone can be challenging. Even though we have used responsive design best practices to make pages look good on a phone, we decided to add some additional features to make your life easier. So we created some screen shortcuts so you can easily see a single row or column from your dashboard.

Below is a sample dashboard:

If you click on the activity name, you will be able to quickly update everyone's status for the single row like this:

And if you click on a column heading, you'll be able to easily update all activities for a single column like this:

You simply click on each cell in the list to update the status and add comments. Then you can click the purple icon at the top  to go back to the dashboard and all of your updates will be visible. This feature makes it so easy to work on your mobile device.