Consulting Services

Services Offered Description Sample
Notes & Comments
Project Description Briefly describe the type of project or reason for services requested. This is  a sample company used to show the types of services  we offer and how we would work through a typical implementation with our clients.
Review Current Project Documentation Review current spreadsheets, task lists, team lists, etc. Completed
Develop Implementation Plan Determine which projects and processes we want to track, determine deliverables and milestones and who is responsible. Completed
Gap Analysis What do they need that Statdash doesn't provide? Can we add this functionality or supplement? Do we need to integrate with any  other systems? In Process
Create Workflow Determine who will work on which tasks and how often users will need to update. Write up  plan for users to follow. Researching
Initial Consultation Meet with client to discuss which types of projects or processes they want to track. Determine if Statdash can help them and set the expectations going forward. Completed
Develop Proposal Create the proposal outlining what services will be provided and estimate of hours. 4/1/2018 - Delivered
Client Acceptance Client to sign proposal and purchase block of hours to retain services.  Click here to accept
Setup Statdash Create dashboards, team members, setup security, categories, etc. In Process
Write Import Routines Import spreadsheets as required. Not Started
Create Custom Templates Determine if we can create templates to standardize dashboard creation. N/A
Create Custom Reports Write any custom reports needed by client.  N/A
Add Schedules Create status request schedules, activity due date defaults and report distribution schedules. In Process
Team Training  Provide training for each type  of user -  team members, vendors,  project managers, stakeholders Researching
Product Customization Modify product features or functionality to work according to identified customer needs.
Feedback Surveys Solicit feedback from team to find out how we can simplify their processes. In Process
Monitor Progress Monitor dashboard updates for compliance. In Process
Project Closeout Review the deliverables and get customer acceptance on all activities Plan next steps or additional services needed. TBD
Hourly Rate TBD
Total Hours Estimated 40 Hours
Change Orders 20 Hours
Non-Billable Hours Total To Date: 1 hr
Billable Hours Total To Date: 10 hrs
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