Case Studies

AKA Consulting Increases Client Engagement and Customization with Statdash

When Alex Kleyff started AKA Consulting in 1995, his goal was to provide NYC Metro and Tri-State businesses with customized business technology solutions – from accounting software solutions to cloud infrastructure solutions. Becoming a “one-stop shop” necessitated providing top-notch customization, programming, website e-commerce development, automation and integration, and business intelligence. 

Alex began using Statdash to manage the company’s ERP implementation projects and testing in 2018. By providing customized dashboards for each project based on a template, Alex is able to be more responsive to specific client needs. “Statdash provides a very high-level view of each project as a whole, so I can quickly see if a requirement is not being properly completed or handled. It makes for a happier implementation,” says Alex. 

Alex gives clients access to their dashboards to increase transparency and engagement in the project. He adds due dates for every activity, so his team members and customers stay on task with the implementation and projects come in on time and on budget. “Customers go in to get project updates and to update statuses themselves. Our consumers are proactive,” commented Alex. “They love it. It’s not just a developer’s tool; it’s basically a people’s tool.”

In addition to watching Statdash’s training videos and reading help files, Alex has also taken advantage of the personalized training available to business- and enterprise-level Statdash users. According to Alex, he felt comfortable using Statdash within two days, and a couple of weeks later he was proficient. “Statdash is extremely easy to use,” he notes. 

As a solutions provider himself, Alex appreciates the stellar responsiveness of Statdash Solutions to his questions and requests for product features to meet his company and client needs. “They are unbelievable at trying to implement suggestions to make my life easier,” says Alex. “I’ve never seen turnaround like that – they’re amazing! Way beyond what I would expect.”

Asked if he would recommend Statdash to other friends, colleagues, or clients, Alex answered with a resounding, “Yes! 150%! I would recommend Statdash to anybody who needs to manage projects or time.”