The FAQs of life

Q:What is stadash?

Answer: statdash is a web-based analytics platform that allows you to track and trend your most important online metrics across a large variety of sources including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Foursquare, Yelp, and Flickr.

Q:Who is statdash for?

Answer: statdash was built for agencies and in-house marketers who are responsible for managing large portfolios of websites. If you have ever felt overwhelmed by having to regularly look into analytics and performance metrics across each and every site on which your brand has a presence, statdash is the tool that will help simplify and streamline this process. Instead of focusing on data aggregation, you can focus on analysis and action.

Q:Where can one access statdash?

Answer: statdash lives in the cloud. There is nothing to download and no installation. Access your data from everywhere.

Q:Why did we build statdash?

Answer: Because logging into a hundred different accounts a day sucks. Too much time is spent gathering and trending data as opposed to making good use of it.

Q:When will statdash be ready?

Answer: Soon. We're just ironing out some kinks. We look forward to launching in Q2, 2011 (or sooner). You can sign up to be notified when we're ready for you.

Q:Have more questions?

Answer: Please visit our statdash support site for any additional answers you may need.