About Statdash

60 second elevator pitch

Welcome to statdash, your personal online marketing metrics mashup maker. 

statdash allows you to build and customize your own analytics platform in less time than it takes to cook a chicken. 

At the core of statdash is the widget gallery. That's where you'll find a diverse set of widgets encompassing all sorts of metrics you can gather about your website or brand on the web. The collection spans the social, search, video, local, and other online marketing channels. We even have widgets that pull key metrics from Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, Facebook Insights and YouTube Insights. We have widgets that monitor your brand mentions and keywords across Twitter, news sites, blogs, and Google Instant!

Widgets are added to dashboards that you create, stored under profiles. 

Managing ten, a hundred, or thousands of properties? No problem, statdash lives in the cloud, allowing you to create virtually an unlimited number of profiles to gather the metrics for your entire network of websites or brands, as well as your competitors.  

From the moment you add a metric to your dashboard, statdash starts tracking and storing that data on a daily basis. This allows you to see how your data fluctuates and trends over time, in order for you to monitor your progress and take action. 

statdash will also alert you when any metric increases or decreases by a percentage that you define, and easily allows you to turn any dashboard into a beautiful report to save and share. 

So sign up today for your beta preview of statdash, invite your friends and colleagues, and say hello to your mother!