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How Can Statdash Help You?

Are you frustrated trying to track down team members, contractors and vendors to get a status update? Statdash takes the pain out of status tracking, saving you time and energy, and giving you the confidence of always knowing the status of your critical activities. Our automated status request scheduler will make it a breeze to get the info you need to manage more effectively.

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Saves you time and effort

Statdash allows you to easily send an email to all team members assigned to your dashboard with a single click.

Team members can update their status by clicking a single link in their email. Updates post immediately to the dashboard, so you'll never be left wondering "What's the status?"

(Screenshot: Statdash sample dashboard)

Dashboards that work the way you do

Create as many dashboards as you need, with unique statuses for each dashboard. Need a dashboard to track user training? No problem! Need a dashboard to track client projects? Easy! Need a dashboard to track employee skills? Piece of cake! This flexible tool allows you to use your imagination and make a dashboard that works for you.

Manage team member statuses

Statdash eliminates the need to make phone calls and hunt people down to find out the status of activities, projects or tasks. Get everyone on the same page and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing everyone's status at a glance.

You can make your dashboards public or private. Public dashboards allow your team members to see the dashboard after they post their status. Private dashboards are confidential and only viewable by account administrators.

I love the connectedness I feel when I see the status of the entire team. It helps me to know I'm not alone and that we are progressing as a team.

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